South African Institute for Computer Scientists and Information Technologists

Conditions for Membership

Eligibility for membership is determined according to two criteria:


A four-year degree (SAQA level 8) in Computer Science, Informatics, Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Engineering or an equivalent field as assessed by the Council.
At least ONE of the following
1. At least one year working full-time in a research or lecturing environment,
2. At least one-year full-time equivalent studying for a higher degree (SAQA level 9),
3. Acceptance of a paper in the conference or journal of the Institute after the year in which the education eligibility was attained.


Application for membership shall be through the Institute’s website. Applications will be considered and approved or declined by member(s) of Council so designated for the task.

Entrance Fees and Subscriptions

• There are no membership fees.
• There is no membership certificate.


Active members of SAICSIT may, among other benefits determined by Council from time to time,
• Receive a discount at the annual conference and other events as determined by Council;
• Receive a discount on costs for publishing in the journal (SACJ);
• Log into the membership area of the website, view the membership list and communicate with other members.

Active Membership

An active member is one who in the previous eighteen months has done at least ONE of the following:
• attended the annual conference; or
• published in the journal; or
• been a member of Council; or
• notified the Honorary Secretary by email that they wish to continue as a member of SAICSIT.
Failing any of the above, Council may terminate membership.